green spiderweb

So you've got a great site...

Your site is beautiful, it's full of fresh, useful content, and it's
sitting on a fast server, - now: how do you bring traffic to it?

The answer is to think like a guerilla, and work your campaign under the radar. Never underestimate the viral nature of timely and specific content.  A blog or active participation in a social networking site can drive high quality traffic to specific areas of your site. There are four questions to ask yourself when planning your strategy.

Who is my target market (who can afford my product or service)?  The look and feel of your website must reflect a knowledge of the lifestyles and preferences of your audience. A business which sells fish bait will likely have a casual and outrageous design. An institution like a church, bank or a school needs to project stability, competence, and an outlook toward the future as well as the past.   more...

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