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Trails and Trilliums
is the annual celebration and sale of native plants at St.
Andrew's - Sewanee School in Sewanee, TN. It features guided
hikes, gardening seminars, speakers on ecology, and of course the
sale of native plants. There are also children's activities, food,
and a select number of vendors.

Destination Wholeness.
is the website of Thomas Gates, a spiritual healer. As a boy, Thomas
left us unexpectedly for quite a little while during an unplanned
surgery. Upon returning, he never saw life the same and is
eager to share his experience and talents with others. Yes, he
charges for his services - his unique experience did not enable
him to live without food and shelter!

Erth Products
in Peachtree City, GA turns a problem (municipal sludge) into
safe and valuable soil amendment. This is great compost on a big scale.

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